MultiKey PMTK1
Spin the device 360 degrees by clicking the left mouse button

Prestigio MultiKey


Easy control of your valuables!


Prestigio Multikey is a high tech way of keeping track of your valuables. The small and stylish key fob has anti-loss, two-way search, flashlight, notifications and remote camera shoot functions.

Compatible with Smartphones and Tablet PCs with Android 4.3 or above and Bluetooth 4.0 or above.



Buy in the Official Store

Buy in the Official Store

Anti-loss function

When the MultiKey is out of the Smartphone or Tablet PC connection range, they both start to alert



Remote camera shoot function

–°apture photos by using the MultiKey
Place the Smartphone somewhere in front of you and capture the photo with one click of Multikey


MultiKey beeps and flashes when you have missed calls and messages


One click is able to turn your MultiKey in a small flashlight!
Click and hold for a second to turn the torch on/off