Headset PBHS1
Spin the device 360 degrees by clicking the left mouse button

Bluetooth Headsets


Listen to the heart of music!


Prestigio Bluetooth Headsets - Stylish and colourful for the most demanding customers. Easy to use with your Tablet, Smartphone or laptop with Bluetooth.


Buy in the Official Store

Buy in the Official Store


Dissolve in music
Focus on music - enjoy the passion and power of your favourite songs.
Push the button to get to a completely new world of sound.

Get ready to the beat
Express yourself - feel the balanced and clear sound which will surround your daily routine.

Add colours
Make it bright by choosing a unique combination of colors.

Enjoy Bluetooth technology from up to 10 metres distance away from the source device– work, dance, play, run and walk - do whatever you want.

Listen longer
Recharge with a battery that powers up to 10h of playing music. Go on listening or take calls.