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You’ve got the power!


Prestigio Power Bank - a new affordable power supply which is destined to be a true friend to all the travellers, businessmen and proactive people.

Talk on the phone, listen to music, take pics, watch videos – use your device everywhere and as long as you want with the new source of power. Its compact design allows you to carry it in a purse or even in your pocket.

Buy in the Official Store

Buy in the Official Store
The Power Bank is a high capacity mobile charger that can be used to recharge any of your mobile or USB powered device such as mobile phones, iPhones, iPods and more! The Power Bank by Prestigio comes fully equipped and fit virtually any current mobile device. You can charge up to two devices at one time – pick up what you need and stay charged on the go! It will solve many mobile devices power supply problems, in order to solve the power shortage and then make work and travel carefree.


Portable, rechargeable and universal power pack has a strong structure for totally safe use. Its elegant and fashionable design makes it look more attractive. Prestigio Power bank is made of aluminium, slim and light – you can carry it in a purse or even in your pocket.


The continuous improvement of living standards, there are more and more portable electronic products in the world, such as mobile phones, Tablet PCs, digital cameras, camcorders and many others.

When traveling or on business, it is the peak of working of these devices, so it appears that mobile is on the phone, the digital camera is taking pictures, PSP video game playing time is energetically.

When the battery run out of power, make you feel very helpless and powerless, you cannot put each device is equipped with a spare battery. This brings the more burdens to travel.