RoadRunner 130
Spin the device 360 degrees by clicking the left mouse button

RoadRunner 130




A compact and affordable car video recorder with 1.5 inch LCD screen. The RoadRunner 130 records videos up to HD resolution, features cyclic recording and motion detection to provide additional safety when on the road. It`s small weight makes it highly portable and almost invisible in the car.

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HD Quality

The Camera records videos in up to HD resolution with pure sound and clear images, which captures important details of your trip.

Bright 1.5-inch screen

Easy to customize the image clarity, contrast and colour settings with 1.5-inch TFT screen. Adjust the video recording quality as well as all additional parameters and operation modes with the user-friendly control panel.

Viewing angle

Equipped with an optimal viewing angle of 100°, this camera provides highly informative videos, without distorting the image at the edges, and does not reduce the level of the detail of objects.

Motion Detection

The device features a progressive motion detection technology. In this mode the video shooting, starts only when detecting a new movement in the frame, allowing you to reserve the memory card for a longer video.

Best Value for Money

Benefitting from the latest technology, high build quality and a stylish design at an extremely affordable price.

Compact size

The Compact size and weight of only 44 g, makes the RoadRunner 130 highly portable and almost invisible in the car.