Roadrunner 300i
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RoadRunner 300i


A Compact Companion on the Roads


The Prestigio RoadRunner 300i is your new and most reliable companion on the roads. Small and ergonomic, it can almost be invisible in your car or will fit in your pocket. Recording real HD quality video the RoadRunner 300i uses advanced video compression technology to give extra-long recording time.

Prestigio RoadRunner 300i - Your best witness on the road!

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The Prestigio RoadRunner 300i records real high definition (720p) quality video, based on a HD CMOS sensor and a four-layer glass lens. It has a 2.0 inch TFT screen with LED backlight modules so you can customise image clarity, contrast and colour settings. A long battery life (30 min autonomous recording) gives you the opportunity to make video or take photos anywhere, not just in the car.

This really small but powerful unit has a power protection system that will keep your data safe in case of any power failure, it also has an expansion slot for additional memory up to 32 GB.

HD Eyewitness

Highly portable car video recorder with a 2.0” TFT Screen is convenient to operate and install, recording video in Real HD (1280x720p, 30fps) quality, featuring LED backlight modules, which provide you with high image clarity and contrast ratio.

Precise Capture

The RoadRunner 300i has a 120 degree viewing angle lens which enables you to capture more of the scene. It also has motion detection recording capabilities, which will allow you to identify potentially important footage without having to trawl through hours of recordings.

Night Vision

The Camera ensures automatic adjustment for light sensitivity and provides great performance and sharp images even in low light conditions.

Multiple Options

The RoadRunner 300i supports recording onto an SD card, up to 32GB, with real time playback and real time and date display view. It also has an automatic adjustment for light sensitivity and delivers great performance with sharper images in low lighting conditions. Featuring USB 2.0 output.

Endless recording

Cyclic recording ensures that camera doesn’t stop recording in case the storage is full. Camera automatically overwrites the oldest files on the memory card, thus enabling it to record continuosly.

Always on Guard

The Roadrunner 300i operates on a built-in Li-Ion rechargeable battery or DV 5V output Car Charger, so no matter how far you drive the device is always on your guard. Another great feature is a start-up engine automatic recording function – just start up your car and recording will start automatically.