Roadrunner 310i
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RoadRunner 310i


Your best Witness on the Road!


The new Prestigio RoadRunner 310 combines high quality HD video with greater functionality.


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The Prestigio RoadRunner 310i combines high quality HD video (720p) with lots of advanced features. Compact size, easy intuitive set-up, built-in infrared light and the possibility of longer battery life gives you greater flexibility to use under various conditions.

The RoadRunner 310i is designed in clamshell form. A large 2-inch TFT display can be closed if needed which will make the DVR virtually invisible in the car. It should be noted that Prestigio has not only concentrated on the style of the new model, but also its practicality and high quality. The Prestigio RoadRunner 310i’s housing is made of soft-touch black plastic and the camera effectively stands out. The display is mounted to the main body using a metal registrar hinge which ensures a high reliability with the device.

HD Eyewitness

One of the RoadRunner 310i main characteristics is HD quality video recording with a resolution of 1280x720 at 30 frames per second. The video files are in AVI format and can be played in any standard software.

An adjustable convertible 2.0 inch TFT display makes it comfortable to view the recorded files and to set options for recording. Also, the screen can be closed so as not to distract the driver and still continue recording. The RoadRunner 310i supports cyclic video recording. The DVR records video in separate files, the duration is displayed in the device menu. When the memory card is full the DVR removes the oldest video and records a new video file.

Precise Capture

The RoadRunner 310i is equipped with a HD video camera with a viewing angle of 120 °. This angle is optimal, as it provides a highly informative video, without distorting the image on the edges and does not reduce the level of detail of objects. The high sensitivity of the camera in conjunction with the viewing angle allows you to get high-quality video even in the dark.

As with the entire line of Prestigio DVRs, the RoadRunner 310i automatically turns on and starts recording when you turn on the engine. If there are any issues with the power supply, the DVR will still save the last recorded video file and then will automatically shut off. To perform this function in the recorder has a removable, rechargeable battery capacity of 300 mAh. Also, the battery allows the DVR to work autonomously, without a power connection and keep guarding video even in a parked car.

More Functionality

The model is provided with a G-sensor that is triggered whenever there is sudden braking, acceleration or impact, so when there is an incident on the road the device will send an emergency "order" and video is transferred to a special protected area on the memory card.

The RoadRunner 310i is equipped with a 3MPx camera that allows you to take high-quality photos, if necessary.