Roadrunner 560
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RoadRunner 560


Extra large screen, extra visibility!


Prestigio RoadRunner 560 has a bright and large 3-inch screen for an ultimate video recording experience. It is able to record every single detail thanks to its panoramic view with 170° viewing angle. The Prestigio RoadRunner 560 is an invaluable companion at night with improved performance in low-light environment.


Buy in the Official Store

Buy in the Official Store

Full HD video quality

Record crystal-clear videos in Full HD quality with Ambarella A7 chipset and sensitive Aptina sensor. Videos will stay clear and sharp even in low light contitions and can be used as evidence if needed. No matter it is day or night, RoadRunner 560 can perfectly record all the time thanks to wide dynamic range tehnology and night vision mode.

Extra Large Screen!

Extra large and bright 3.0" LCD screen for live view and playback, making it easier than ever to gather reliable evidence and examine events.

Wide Viewing Angle

Records in wide 170° viewing angle to capture every detail. It provides an extensive road overview and prevents image distortion.

Wide Dynamic Range

High-quality camera lens will automatically adjust to light conditions to capture all the details including license plates, in both day and night.



Motion Detection

The device features a progressive motion detection technology - the video shooting starts only when detecting a new movement in the frame allowing you to save the card memory for a longer video.

G-Sensor for file protection!

G-Sensor senses sudden acceleration, braking and collisions in order to automatically capture and protect critical footage surrounding an accident. Through this function the important files won’t be removed by loop recording.