GeoVision 4055 Navitel
Spin the device 360 degrees by clicking the left mouse button

GeoVision 4055 Navitel




GeoVision 4055 takes the next step to make Personal Navigation Devices affordable, high-tech and stylishly designed. A high performance processor and award-winning 3D Navitel navigation software, provide the best navigation experience regardless of destination


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Choose one of leading navigation software with outstanding 3D graphics. Visualisation of buildings and famous landmarks in 3D will make navigation easier than ever

Preloaded 3D Maps

Most accurate digital navigation with 2 Years free map update

PGPS4055CIS04GBNV - maps of Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Finland, Belarus, Norway, Sweden and Denmark and Iceland

PGPS4055BG04GBNV - map of Bulgaria

Dynamic POI

GoVision 4055 comes with millions of POIs pre-loaded. See Points of Interest around you and save new ones on the way. Petrol station, hotels, shops, ATMs, tourist attractions and much more

Speed Camera warning

Receive information on radars, video recording cameras and speed humps. Update speed camera database via internet

3-D Junction and Lane Guidance

Realistic junction views and lane instructions ensure that you make the right turn at the right time. GPS helps you to prepare for the next turn, displaying realistic 3D pictures to indicate your proper lane

Easy and quick address search

Smart search service will find everything

Search for locations by address, crossing, nearest places, history or coordinates

Fast Performance

MSTAR 2531A 800 MHz processor provides fast route calculation and data processing. This becomes very useful when recalculating route

Onboard computer

Display all the information needed: speed limit, current speed and estimated arrival time

Easy to use

This compact device features 4.3 inch touch - screen, that makes it easy to use and provides optimum view of a map. At the same time the device doesn`t block your windshield view. Voice directons in multiple languages will keep your focus on road, that is significant for your safety

Compact, stylish and affordable

GeoVision 4055 provides the latest technology, a high build quality and a stylish design at an affordable price. This device is made compact enough, to carry with you wherever you go and it`s easy to move it from car to car


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