GeoVision 5500 Navitel
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GeoVision 5500


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Enjoy the ride on the 5-inch, high definition touchscreen

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Besides outstanding navigational performance, this GPS navigator is also a full media player, an eBook Reader and has various games – all under your control with the touch of a screen. The award-winning Navitel software is intuitive and has an appealing visual design. The extended and advanced features are smartly separated from the main functions, so even inexperienced users will find basic navigation straightforward and easy to handle. High resolution 3D visualisation, smart routes are just a few out of the many stunning features.

This model also features Bluetooth Hands Free Calling for safe driving and a built-in FM Transmitter that allows you to play MP3’s directly to your radio.

Among GPS navigation systems the Prestigio GeoVision 5500 is the right solution for those seeking a smart and portable device with numerous all-in-one features and a stylish design.

Comfortable and Slim

The Prestigio GPS navigator GeoVision 5500 has been conceived to help you reach your desired destination with the minimum of effort. Featuring a comfortable 5.0” touch screen display and an ultra slim design, this GPS navigator can be carried around everywhere or quickly install in your car.

Award-winning 3D navigation

Award-winning Navitel 3D navigation application and Mobile Operating System Windows CE 6.0 enables GeoVision to show detailed maps with visualisation of buildings and famous landmarks in 3D for easy orientation wherever you go. It also displays thousands of points of interests, such as gas stations, hotels and restaurants. Its user-friendly interface and intuitive icons will enhance your navigation experience. Designed to make your life easier, with simplicity and convenience in mind, Prestigio GeoVision 5500 features such options as real route alternatives, user speedcams, country specific alert sign icons, picture navigation, smart keyboard and many others.

Maps Included

(RU) GeoVision 5500 provides you with detailed maps of Russia with visualisation of buildings and famous landmarks in 3D, thousands of points of interests (POI) such as gas stations, hotels and restaurants in an intuitive and an attractive interface for an enhanced navigation experience and in-car entertainment. Maps update is free for 2 years.

Multimedia Entertainment

In addition to the GPS navigator, you are also getting a full multimedia player with eBook reader functionality as well as games. Enjoy your journey while listening to music, viewing pictures, watching a movie or reading a book - all in one device. Stay tuned all the way with internal memory of 4GB with the support of a Micro SD card and a long battery life.

Convenience in Mind

What’s more this GPS model features USB, Bluetooth and Headset ports for more convenience. A built-in FM Transmitter allows you to play MP3’s directly to your radio and Bluetooth Hands Free Calling enables safe driving. Among the included accessories you will find a Prestigio Smart Mount for safe and easy installation, a stylus pen and a stylish carrying case for safe portability So if you are looking for a smart and portable device with numerous all-in-one features and a stylish design, the GeoVision 5500 is the right solution.