GeoVision 5566 Navitel
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GeoVision 5566


Double performance navigator with an aluminium touch


The PRESTIGIO GeoVision 5566 - is a 5.0” double performance GPS navigator in an aluminium frame which provides reliable and user-friendly navigation.

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Among GPS navigation systems, the PRESTIGIO GeoVision 5566 is the right solution for those seeking a smart, ultra-fast and stylish navigator.


The PRESTIGIO GPS navigator GeoVision 5560 has been conceived to help you reach your desired destination with the minimum of effort. Featuring a 5.0” HD touch screen display and an ultra slim design, this GPS navigator can be easily carried around everywhere or quickly installed in your car.

Ultra-Fast Performance

Performance of the device is driven by the new Atlas V Dual Core 664 MHz processor that works faster and more efficiently than before, giving you a highly responsive device working continuously and smoothly.

Award-winning 3D navigation

Award-winning Navitel navigation and mobile Windows CE 6.0 OS enable the GeoVision 5566 to show detailed maps with visualisation of buildings and famous landmarks for easy orientation wherever you go. It also displays thousands of points of interests, such as gas stations, hotels and restaurants. Its user-friendly interface and intuitive icons will enhance your navigational experience.

Maps Included

GeoVision 5566 provides you with maps of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Finland and bonus maps of Denmark, Sweden and Norway.


The PRESTIGIO smart mount is the perfect mount solution for GeoVision 5560. It can be attached to the dash board with the smart mount button as well as to the windshield with the suction pad.