GeoVision 7780 Navitel
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GeoVision 7780


ANDROID-based tablet with a GPS option


The PRESTIGIO GeoVision 7780 - is a new ANDROID-based tablet with a GPS option for unlimited in-car entertainment.

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The PRESTIGIO GeoVision 7780 features a high end GPS navigator and a powerful tablet PC and a digital TV. There is nothing else needed to turn your car into a high end entertainment lounge.


The device features a 7.0” HD touch screen display for comfortable viewing. Despite the larger screen, the GeoVision 7780 is extremely thin and lightweight. Conceived to help you reach the desired destination with minimum efforts, this GPS navigator can be easily carried around everywhere or quickly installed in the car.


The PRESTIGIO GeoVision 7780 assures fast performance with the A13 ARM Cortex A8 1.00GHz processor, 1GB RAM and 8GB internal memory.


Running ANDROID 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich OS, you can do almost anything with it. Music, pictures, movies, games, e-Books, social networks, emails, web-browsing - many of the apps are already preinstalled for a better out of the box experience, more than 700,000 can be downloaded from Google Play. What’s more your device will always stay up to date with automatic firmware updates over-the-air.


To store all your media files with no limitations on space, you are now offered 8GB of external storage that can be expanded up to 32GB with the memory card. Get more connectivity with the USB host to connect 3G dongles, external HDDs, mice and keyboards. With the HDMI output, you can connect your GPS navigator to your TV and enjoy unlimited entertainment with a cinematic view.


Award-winning Navitel 3D navigation and mobile Windows CE 6.0 OS enable the GeoVision 7780 to show detailed maps with visualisation of buildings and famous landmarks for easy orientation wherever you go. It also displays thousands of points of interests, such as gas stations, hotels and restaurants. Its user-friendly interface and intuitive icons will enhance your navigational experience.


The PRESTIGIO GeoVision 7780 provides you with maps of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Finland and bonus maps of Denmark, Sweden and Norway.