MultiBoard 70" G-series
Spin the device 360 degrees by clicking the left mouse button

MultiBoard 70" G-series




PRESTIGIO MULTIBOARD G-series is a range of interactive flat panel displays (IFPD) with dual PC (Windows and Android). The all-in-one product idea makes these devices a universal solution for business collaboration and education.


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GREAT VISUALS: Stunning FHD display provides an extra crisp picture — excite your colleagues and clients with great visuals

MULTITOUCH: Advanced infra-red technology now supports 10 points — involve your students and pupils in presenting more

DOUBLE OS & PC: Windows 8.1 Pro and Android 4.2 — benefit from apps of two programming worlds

WINDOWS PC: Define performance in line with your goals — choose Intel® Core™ i5

ALL-IN-ONE: Screen, Windows PC with Wi-Fi, Stereo Speakers and dedicated software — work effectively together without any additional staff

PROTECTIVE HOUSING: 4 mm tempered glass (Mohs level 7) for a screen and aluminium casing for the whole device

SOFTWARE FOR TOUCH: EasiNote, EasiMeeting, EasiConnect, EasiShow, mClass

WHAT COMES WITH MULTIBOARD: Quick start guide, AC Power cable, Remote Control, Wi-Fi antenna, 3 styluses, Audio/USB/VGA cables, Driver USB-stick

ADDITIONAL: Stands, flight cases, wall-mount kit


MultiBoard Accessories

Wall Mount Kit

Wall Mount Kit for Prestigio MultiBoard (fits all sizes). To be ordered along with MB as standard option (not included in the package).

Universal stand 55-84"

Stand for MultiBoards 55-84". Features roll wheels to move freely & shelf for accessories. To be bundled with Wall-mount kit PMBWMK.

Stand 55-70"

Stand for Multiboards 55-70". Features roll wheels and shelf to accommodate accessories. No need to bundle with PMBWMK.

Flight Case 70"

Flight case for MultiBoard 70". Features fireproof cover, aluminum edges, roll wheels and carrying handles.