MultiBoard 84" Series 3
Spin the device 360 degrees by clicking the left mouse button

MultiBoard Series 3


Covers Large Rooms


Prestigio MultiBoard - the best solution for business, education and productivity. Combining high performance, Ultra HDTV Multi-Touch Screen and special applications it utilises its interactive features to present, interact, connect, communicate between people, either locally or remotely.


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A set of preinstalled Applications developed specifically for Prestigio MultiBoard to provide you with endless opportunities for your business. Oriented to your needs and installed in your native language, applications for Prestigio MultiBoard are easy and effective to use.

Prestigio EasiNote

Use Prestigio MultiBoard instead of a flipchart for capturing notes

Prestigio EasiMeeting

White board software developed specially for remote visual, video or sound presentations

Prestigio EasiShow

Solution for presentations with multitouch technology and several types of animation effects

Prestigio EasiSign

Electronic signature software with a Camera Shot function for meetings and conferences



Ultra HDTV screen

Keep it vivid!
It`s all about the Ultra HDTV screen – enjoy the sharp and detailed videos with the HDMI connection.

Strong and no glare

The screen of Prestigio MultiBoard is made of strong glass (up to Mohs 7) with anti-reflective coating that ensures the safety of the product and your comfort in using it.

6 points Multitouch

Prestigio MultiBoard All-in-One supports up to 6 touch-points operations with its advanced infra-red multitouch technology.


Main Control Unit

All-in-One and under control
The MCU is the brain of Prestigio MultiBoard. It coordinates the operation of a display drive board, a PC and a touch frame.


Crystal-clear sound
Powerful sound with a wide dynamic range and optimal balance perfectly complements the stylish design of Prestigio MultiBoard.

TV Tuner

Plenty of ways to plug in!
Use your MultiBoard as a TV! 4M/8M flash, HDMI 1.4a, VGA, COAX, USB, YPbPr, Gigabit Ethernet, Wi-Fi, audio in/out – Prestigio MultiBoard provides you with all the types of connection you might ever need.





Prestigio MultiBoard provides you with all the types of connection you might ever need. Full range of accessories for indoor/outdoor use, wallstands, etc.