MultiPhone 4040 DUO
Spin the device 360 degrees by clicking the left mouse button

MultiPhone 4040 DUO


High Quality Assembling


Multiphone 4040 DUO embodies great productivity and performance in a compact design. Stay close to your friends. See, share, like and comment on music tracks and photos straight from your mobile phone.

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A friendly face is never further away than your touchscreen Android phone. It does not matter is your friends use a smartphone, tablet or PC - Multiphone 4040 DUO has front-facing camera for making video-calls. Also it is great for quick self-portraits too.

For top quality photos, catch photos with the 5 megapixel camera. Then sit back and enjoy the entertainment on the 4”WVGA display.

The Multiphone 4040 DUO embodies great productivity and performance in a compact design that is full of personality. With possibility to connect with fast Wi-Fi internet this mobile keeps you connected to all that matters in your life. Find your way with GPS navigation and location based services. Chat with your friends via mobile social networking.

You can create your own playlists in a snap. So you can spend your time listening to music, instead of trying to figure out how features and functions work. Crank up the volume with and get the sound mix just right with the graphic equalizer.

Super performance

Multiphone 4040 DUO users enjoy unrivalled power and excellent performance thanks to 1GHz processor that keeps up with heavy usage and demanding applications. Smart CPU manages power consumption across applications so your phone works efficiently and conserves energy, maximizing your phone’s functionalities.

Brighten screen

Featuring a breathtaking view, the 4”WVGA display offers a new standard for viewing video and graphics. Enjoy brighter & wider viewing experience for better outdoor visibility.

Fastest multimedia

Watch HD video content instantly with 2x faster loading time than before. Ice Cream Sandwich runs faster than ever so HD video loads twice as fast, applications start up quicker and there is virtually no lag time. Enjoy instant, immediate, incredible access.

Game on!

Are you game fan? With combination of fastest 1GHz processor and 4” screen you fill be satisfied of rich graphics in high-spec games, web browsing and watching HD video. You’ll always enjoy a smooth performance no matter how advanced the operation!

Addition memory

With the possibility of using micro-SD card (up to 32 Gb) you can download even large files such as HD movies, high-quality games, books or other multimedia content and you will never be bored.