MultiPhone 4044 DUO
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MultiPhone 4044 DUO


Dual Core High Performance


Prepare yourself for the new MultiPhone 4044 DUO. Featuring a lightweight and beautifully thin design it represents the next generation in smartphone technology.

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Enjoy brighter & wider viewing experience for better outdoor visibility Featuring a breathtaking view, the 4.0” WVGA(800x 480) display offers a new standard for viewing video and graphics. Looking just as good indoors as it is outdoors MultiPhone 4044 DUO provides the ideal visual landscape.

Expect outstanding performance from a powerful dual core processor.

Preserve all the finest moments of your life! The new MultiPhone 4044 DUO guarantees top photographic quality: it comes equipped with a 8-Mpx camera with autofocus, flashlight, digital zoom and support for multiple modes and effects. A wonderful addition to the MultiPhone 4044 DUO is the built-in music player with support for all the most common formats and the option to create playlists, while the standard 3.5" jack fits your favourite earphones.

Closer to reality

With the new large 4.0” screen of the MultiPhone 4044 DUO no matter from which side you’re viewing. That vibrant colours and the enhanced contrast of WVGA(800x 480) display offers a new standard for viewing video and graphics.

Super performance

A Dual Core processor ARM Cortex-A9 with frequency of 1.2GHz provides your MultiPhone 4044 DUO with double boost, increasing overall speed of processing and giving a higher performance at lower energy. Faster loading time and navigation, unlimited multitasking with no delay, ability to run smoothly fast-paced videos and complicated games.

8-megapixel camera

The 8 mpx camera on MultiPhone 4044 DUO is perfect for capturing fun moments, commemorating special events, and cataloguing life outside the office. With the led-flash take advantage to take pictures 24 hours per day.


Connect your MultiPhone 4044 DUO to the internet at home or anywhere with an accessible Wi-Fi hotspot. You can access email, web browsing and all your online services on the go.

Stay tuned

You can listen your favorite music with different devices. MultiPhone 4044 DUO built with 3.5mm Ear jack which fits your regular earphones, headphones and portable speakers.

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