MultiReader 3464
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MultiReader 3464


Double Your Library


Enjoy twice as many eBooks on the go than before, now with 4Gb of built-in memory on a comfortable 6-inch display with "paper-like" eInk technology.

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Enjoy more books, more music and more pictures with the Prestigio MultiReader 3464, a highly portable device fitting thousands of books into your pocket. Following a super light and slim design concept, it features a 6-inch high quality e-Ink display, which gives you the feeling of reading an ordinary paper book.

Now with 4GB of internal space, which can be expanded via the additional micro SD memory card, you can easily store all your media content with no shortage of space. Thanks to the vast amount of supported formats you can enjoy more than just reading books such as listening to music or viewing pictures. A user friendly menu and a number of handy features, make the Prestigio MultiReader a perfect gift idea.

Advanced energy management will provide you with unlimited entertainment wherever you are. Whether you are travelling, sunbathing on the beach or relaxing at home, the Prestigio MultiReader 3464 will be your portable companion always carrying your media library with you.

Reads Like Paper

Reads like a paper book even in the direct sunlight without the text fading away thanks to eInk technology. Designed to imitate the appearance of ordinary ink on paper, it reflects light like ordinary paper, offers a wider viewing angle, high contrast ratio with 16 levels of grey and efficient battery usage. Comfortably sized into a 6-inch format for higher portability, with a resolution of 800x600, your MultiReader can be taken anywhere with you.

More Storage for More Books

Double your media library with double storage capacity as the Prestigio MultiReader 3464 now comes with 4GB of internal space built-in. Store all your books, music and pictures with no shortage of space as you also get extra storage capacity via the additional microSD memory card.


In addition to all the text formats that it supports, including Adobe DRM for PDF and ePub files, the Prestigio MultiReader 3464 also has an Audio Player and built-in speaker that will allow you to enjoy music while reading as well as being able to listen to audio books. It also includes a Picture Viewer to show pictures in a modern black or white colour.


Easy to manage even by first time users thanks to a user-friendly menu and comfortable navigation buttons, the Prestigio MultiReader 3464 can operate in different languages and has 3 font sizes, with the ability to save, delete and load bookmarks, put music on repeat and has features like a calendar and a clock which makes it a really useful gadget and the perfect gift idea.

Advanced Energy Management

A long battery life is ensured by a battery of 1200mAh and efficient energy consumption due to eInk technology. This allows you to read up to 3 weeks on a single charge in switched off Wi-Fi mode and reading an hour daily. So you can take your eReader wherever you go and freely enjoy reading. Whether you are travelling, sunbathing on the beach or just relaxing at home, the MultiReader 3464 is your portable companion that allows you to have your library always at hand.

Slim and Light

The MultiReader 3464 is a highly portable device fitting thousands of books into your pocket. The super slim design and light weight concept of only 8.8mm in depth and weighing 170 grams makes it a perfect companion for your travel.