MultiReader Supreme 5664
Spin the device 360 degrees by clicking the left mouse button

MultiReader Supreme 5664


Be sharper
Be brighter
Be supreme


Explore outstanding quality of reading on a high resolution touch display with frontlight.


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The MultiReader Supreme stands out as a top of the line Prestigio eReader. Highly featured and shaped in a compact device, it is the best option for those looking for an eReader with a well-developed reading function – reading is a good habit, so get the most from it!

Outstanding clarity

An E Ink Pearl glare free display with a high 758x1024 px resolution ensures sharp fonts, smooth lines and high quality pictures for comfortable and pleasant reading. Choose any font you want and get the most from your reading journey.



Navigate your device intuitively just like a tablet. Browse your library, adjust fonts, turn pages – do it easily with the touch of your fingertips. Reading has never been such an enjoyable experience.

Perfect light

The display is equipped with a frontlight which enables easy reading regardless of the lighting without any eyestrain. Adjust your own screen brightness and read comfortably even in low lighting conditions or in bright sunlight.


Mobile library

A collection of over 250 eBooks is already preinstalled on the device so you can read them straightaway. More than 750 000 eBooks in
25 languages are available at Create your own library of up to 3000 eBooks and keep them at hand in your eReader.

Multilingual interface

Easy navigation in your language. You can choose whatever interface language you want among 21 available. No matter you know it or just want to learn it - the device gives you the choice. In any case, the languages are swapped in just few seconds.


In just a few clicks you can download tons of free eBooks & other media content to your eReader via Wi-Fi. What’s more, your device is always up-to-date with automatic firmware updates wirelessly.

Long battery life

A capacitive battery and efficient energy consumption provides you with up to 3 weeks of reading at a single charge*. Forget about constant re-charging and enjoy reading!

* in switched off Wi-Fi mode, light setting at 1 and reading an hour daily.

Carry it easy

There is a stylish leather pouch for safe portability included in the retail box. So you can easily keep your eReader protected from any miscellaneous damage and take it wherever you go.