MultiPad 7.0 HD +
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MultiPad 7.0 HD+




Two cores for faster performance and a HD screen for a crystal clear view – the new highly portable 7-inch tablet driven by Android brings out the best of the digital world on-the-go. Now in a slim fit design.


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The Prestigio MultiPad 7.0 HD+ offers much more than you would expect to find in a basic tablet PC: the 7-inch HD screen with a high resolution of 1024x600 pixels for a clear view, a dual core processor for faster performance, a dual core graphic card to enjoy stunning video and gaming and 8GB of storage capacity for all your media files - all in a slim design of only 9cm, so you can take it wherever you go.

Powered by Android and already preinstalled with many essential apps, you can listen to music when you are going to work, watch movies on the plane, read books in a café, chat with friends during a coffee break, shop online on the couch or show pictures at a friend’s house, as soon as you open the box. Among the most popular apps that you will find preinstalled are Office Suite Pro, that enables you to view and edit your Office documents and Prestigio eReader with access to more than 620,000 eBooks in 24 languages, among which 30,000 eBooks are free. To satisfy all your needs, the preinstalled Google Play marketplace will provide you with more than 700,000 apps for various interests.

Easily expand your 8GB internal memory with an additional 32GB via the microSHDC/microSD memory card and get 5GB of cloud storage with the preinstalled SugarSync application. Stay in touch with everything you like using high speed Wi-Fi and video calling via the built-in VGA webcam. The new facility to charge via microUSB makes it a truly mobile device.

This Prestigio MultiPad offers advanced technology and a stylish design for an affordable price with no compromise on quality. Enjoy the digital world on-the-go!

HD View

A highly portable 7-inch MultiPad now comes with a HD screen with a resolution of 1024x600 pixels for a crystal clear view, that will still easily fit in your bag so that you can take it with you wherever you go – listen to music when you are going to work, watch movies on the plane, read books in a café, chat with friends during a coffee break, shop online on the couch or show pictures at a friend’s house. Just touch the screen!

Double Performance

A Dual Core processor ARM Cortex-A9 with frequency of 1.5GHz provides your MultiPad with a double boost, increasing the overall speed of processing and giving a higher performance at lower energy. That means faster loading time and navigation, unlimited multitasking with no delay and the ability to run fast-paced videos and complicated games smoothly.

Amazing Graphics

This Prestigio MultiPad is also equipped with a Dual Core GPU and a memory of 1GB, in combination with OpenGL technology and a 3D Accelerometer, it will provide you with a stunning video and gaming experience. Watch movies at Full HD 1080p quality with amazing clarity and smooth playback, as well as play the most dynamic games on your MultiPad in 3D.

Out of the Box

Already preinstalled with many useful apps, your MultiPad is ready to use right out of the box. Among them you will find Office Suite Pro to view and edit your office documents and Prestigio eReader with a choice of more than 270,000 eBooks in 24 languages and of course the most popular mobile game, Angry Birds. Enjoy the world of Android with Google Play marketplace offering more than 700,000 apps for various interests. To keep your device updated, automatic over-the-air updates (OTA) will provide you with the latest firmware available, while the NASP service will suggest the latest apps compatible with your MultiPad.

Stay in Touch

A high speed Wi-Fi (802.11b|g|n) will provide you with fast access to everything you like whether it’s the football score or cooking recipes, online shopping or a hotel reservation and help you stay in touch with your friends, family and business partners using emails, social networks and video calls with a built-in VGA webcam.

Get the Most from It

Take your entire media world with you - Movies, Music, Photo Gallery, eBooks, Data Files - with no shortage of space by expanding the 8GB of internal space by up to 32GB extra storage capacity via the additional micro SDHC/micro SD memory card.
Get more for less - connect the 3G dongle and enjoy more connectivity with 3G Mobile Internet on your MultiPad.
Make yourself comfortable when you are at home or at the office with the use of a Mouse or a Keyboard connected to the MultiPad via the OTG cable. In the same way you can connect your USB memory stick for data transfer.

Always on

Now that you can charge your Multipad via the micro USB port, it will stay on longer providing you with extra mobility. Connect it to your PC and charging will become seamless. Thanks to Dual Core technology, the battery also works more efficiently giving longer working hours with less energy consumption.

Slim & Light

With this Prestigio MultiPad you get advanced technology in a stylish design for an affordable price with no compromise on quality. As thin as 9mm and as light as 360g, with all the features on board it becomes a perfect companion on-the-go.

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