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MultiPad Visconte M


All you need is M


Visconte M was made to show the world that nothing is impossible. It is the device all-in-one: lightweight and compact as a tablet, powerful and multifunctional as a PC or laptop and having a list of additional functions that can turn a user experience into pure pleasure. It has productive Intel® Core™ processor of last generation, 4 GB RAM to complete even the most demanding tusks, bright FullHD display, outstanding front and rear cameras to create and enjoy the content and moreover – it is compact and lightweight – so you can take it with you wherever you go.


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Performance of last generation

Highly productive Intel® Core™ M-5Y10c processor together with 4 GB RAM guarantee top performance and work without pauses. You will enjoy your time with Prestigio® Visconte M without any compromises! In addition, the processor is energy effective. It ensures long battery life – up to 10 hours of active usage. You can be sure that you won’t need to search for a charger whatever you want to do during your day.



Be a space conqueror

If you are tired of microSD cards and connecting your device to a PC to upload files to get some more free space, be sure that Prestigio® Visconte M is the right choice! With 128 GB on board you can store an immense quantity of files – documents, photos, movies and so on. The feeling you have enough space for everything – like with a modern PC – is unforgettable.

All the shades of speed

With Prestigio® Visconte M you get every type of Internet connection and the speed you can hardly imagine. Connect to Wi-Fi in public places to enjoy free Internet or engage a sim card for the lightening-speed LTE connection – it’s up to you. Whatever you choose you will always get an access to all the needed information in the web.

Write fast – convert in seconds

Prestigio® Visconte M features the convenient and multifunctional stylus – Prestigio active pen. Write text in OneNote application and convert them immediately into a Word document with typed text. Microsoft Edge browser gives unic opportunity to make notes, highlight important parts of the text or just draw right in the browser!