Smartbook 141A
Spin the device 360 degrees by clicking the left mouse button

Smartbook 141A


Prestigio Smartbooks – Internet and nothing in excess


Smartbook is designed for high-speed Internet surfing and uninterrupted access to the cloud storage. This is a full valued laptop with a 14.1" screen based on the full Windows OS with a versatile range of ports. It does not matter where you plan your next trip: to lecture halls, regional branches or distant countries - Smartbook 141A will be a reliable companion for studying, working and playing wherever you are.

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With the Prestigio Notebook you will appreciate the freedom of movement. They have light weight, and thanks to its compact size it even fits in a ladies' handbag.


Windows 10 is the best version of the Windows OS you’ve even seen, and it has lots of upgrade facilities which you’re sure to like. The intuitive interface will help you to deal with problems quickly and efficiently, improved performance will allow you to feel a new level of productivity, and thanks to the additional services and applications every second with the new device will be full of comfort and delight.


Quad core Intel® Atom ™ Z3735F up to 1.83 GHz will provide multitasking, and 2 GB RAM is enough to run even the most demanding applications. Energy-saving technologies will allow you to use the Smartbook for 7 hours in video watching mode and up to 6 hours of Internet surfing.

No intermediaries

The Smartbook needs no adapters a universal set of ports allows you to organize a mobile office in minutes. With the help of the mini HDMI and two full-sized USB 2.0 you can easily connect a large screen, a mouse, a printer or a scanner.

Premium gifts

If you like to play games, you have definitely heard about World of Tanks Blitz, one of the most popular multiplayer online games. In addition to the perfect device each Smartbook owner receives a premium account for 7 days and a premium-T-127*. So from the very beginning you'll have what millions of users dream about, and you will be able to benefit fully from the game. This means that you will like your new device even more that you’ve expected.

*bonus package is given once for a new account that first enters the game with the Prestigio device