Prestigio Grace B1
Spin the device 360 degrees by clicking the left mouse button

Prestigio Grace B1


Charm of classics


The new mobile phone from Prestigio combines the much-loved appearance of classical flip phones with the features of modern devices – wide screen, modern colour options, camera and dual SIM support.

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Lovely body

Enjoy the comfort and elegant design of the Grace B1! It is thin, lightweight, and easy to operate with one hand. The phone is available in contemporary colour options – red + black, blue + black and black.

Wide display

Compared with old-fashion flip phones the Grace B1 is more comfortable to use. It has a bright 2.4-inch display which guarantees clear content viewing and texting.

Touch and launch

The Grace B1 features 3 fast dial buttons. One opens the camera, and two others can be customised according to your own choice.

Long lasting mobile phone

The Grace B1 prevents the worry of having to locate a socket to charge it. A 750 mAh battery guarantees the phone can be used for several days without recharging.

Dual SIM

The flip phone features dual SIM support, so the customer can engage SIM cards from different mobile operators to save money on calls.

Music everywhere

The phone is great for listening to music! It has FM, MP3 and 3.5mm audio jack so you can listen to any broadcasting stations or your favorite songs.

Pleasant bonuses

To complete and compliment the image of a useful phone Prestigio added some bonus features. A built-in 0.3 MP camera enables photos to be taken on the go, a bright torch has been included to find your way in darkness, and Bluetooth can connect the phone to your computer.