Prestigio Muze L1
Spin the device 360 degrees by clicking the left mouse button

Prestigio Muze L1


Taking care of the seniors


Prestigio Muze L1 is a push-button phone, designed specifically for the elderly. Large buttons, a durable ergonomic case, an intuitive menu and a long-lasting battery are familiar and convenient for older men and women. Thanks to dual SIM cards, it is possible to save money, and the SOS function allows relatives to be informed at any time that you need help. Prestigio Muze L1: taking care of those we love.

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See and hear well

A powerful speaker is installed in the Prestigio Muze L1. Thanks to this, even those hard of hearing people will be able to communicate by phone without any problems. A wide 2.2 inches screen provides comfort when dialing numbers, viewing the menu, address book, battery charge indicator and messages.

Charged for a long time

With a durable 800 mAh lithium-ion battery, the phone does not require recharging for several days in a row. When it is finally time to charge the battery, you just need to put the phone on the docking station, which is also included. Easy and convenient!

Useful features

The phone has a number of convenient and useful features, such as a torch, radio and camera. You can use the built-in torch to see in the dark or help you get the key in the lock on an evening. The vital tool is always at hand. The camera will come in handy when you have family and friends visit, as it can be used to capture memories and important moments with children and grandchildren. If the phone includes a radio, you will never get bored, because you will always be able to keep up to date with current affairs and entertainment programs, and music will help to create a great mood.

Double saving

The older generation are frugal. The Prestigio Muze L1 enables low cost calls to be made making this device very efficient. Thanks to dual SIM cards, it is possible to talk on the phone for hours, as same network calls are free. Choose two network providers and save on tariffs.

SOS signal

The SOS button, located on the back, is a very important function that with a single click automatically reports that the user requires urgent help. By including a doctor, children, grandchildren, or close friends in the contact list of the alarm button, one can be sure that in an emergency situation your elderly relative or friend will not be left alone.

Convenient design

The simple and convenient design will suit even those who are not used to using mobile devices. Large buttons with large numbers, letters and icons are visible without glasses, and the durable ergonomic case fits comfortably in a hand.