Prestigio Wize G1
Spin the device 360 degrees by clicking the left mouse button

Prestigio Wize G1


Calls and Entertainment


The ability not to be hypnotized by the trends and to remain oneself in any circumstances is invaluable. Prestigio® have created the perfect device for those kind of people, and it is the Wize G1. If you need a phone, not a pocket laptop or an accessory – buy a phone, and choose the best of its kind. The Prestigio® Wize G1 features all the needed specifications to be the perfect assistant in everyday life – it is convenient, it has long battery life, it supports two sim cards, FM and MP3 – a real and reliable device for calls and music. Most importantly r, it has a beautiful and ergonomic design – take it in your hand and feel – it was made for you!

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Attractive and ergonomic

Take this little black phone in your hand – feel the classic that is never out of fashion. It doesn’t look like a brick or a soap-dish, the designer did his best when creating the device. Rounded edges, perfect dimensions (123 x 51 x 13 mm) ergonomic form and a comfortable weight (72 g). The Prestigio® Wize G1 will bring you a real pleasure when handling and even looking at it.

Texting is joyful

You will enjoy the advanced keypad of the Wize G1. With soft touch large keys texting becomes incredibly easy for everyone. In addition, an enlarged 2.4 inches screen makes all the details visible. Enjoy texting with your family and friends – DUAL sim support guarantees you will keep in touch with all of them.

Entertainment on the go

When you have some free time on your way home or at the weekend, try to take advantage of the additional extras the Prestigio® Wize G1 proposes to you. Sit back and enjoy your favourite songs – with MP3 support and microSD card support (up to 32 GB) you will have almost endless storage for all your tunes! Just plug in earphones into the 3.5mm ear jack – and take some rest.

No charging each day

Unlike the majority of modern phones, Prestigio® Wize G1 doesn’t need to be charged every day. 600 mAh battery is enough for hundreds of calls, listening to music, playing games and chatting. You won’t need to be dependent of a power socket. Just enjoy your time with a new phone!