Smart Blood Pressure Monitor
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Smart Blood Pressure Monitor PHCBPM


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Real time monitor of blood pressure on your smartphone or tablet.


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New and very simple way to monitor your blood pressure and heart rate.

Prestigio Smart Blood Pressure Monitor – high-precision tonometer that tracks blood pressure, heart rate and time of measurement, monitors Irregular heartbeat (IHB), allowing you to store and analyze the history of measurements on your mobile devices. Displays real time measurements on a large and informative screen. With free Family Health Compass app for iOS and Android you can see the dynamics of your blood pressure with graphs and tables, compare results with the average, share results online, send reports to your doctor or print them out before visiting physician.

No more worries - your health is under control.

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Digital sensor for accurate and automatic measurement of blood pressure and heart rate, records the date and time of measurement. Compare your results with previous days and with the normal data. Irregular heartbeat (IHB) will help to take early actions.



Ergonomic design

Prestigio Smart Blood Pressure Monitor is made of high quality materials and has a weight of only 128g including cuff. Large and easy to read screen displays real time measurements, while convenient cuff can be adjusted to fit your wrist (from 13.5 to 19.5 cm).



Smart gadget

Supports two users with memory for 60 readings per user and a guest mode, ideal for family use. Don’t worry if you cannot sync immediately. Results will be recorded and stored in the internal memory of Prestigio Smart Blood Pressure Monitor and transferred to the application at the next connection.

We care

At Prestigio we create a new generation of gadgets and applications that will become a part of your healthy lifestyle. Use Prestigio Smart Blood Pressure Monitor and other Prestigio Health Care Solutions products to get a complete understanding of your body and vital signs.