MultiBoard 98" G-series (UHD)
Spin the device 360 degrees by clicking the left mouse button



MultiBoard 98" G-series (UHD)




Prestigio MULTIBOARD G98" is an interactive flat panel display (IFPD) with Windows PC. New model features ultra high screen definition (UHD), 10 points multitouch, powerful PC and protective housing. Recommended for conference rooms of different sizes and other public indoor use.

Find out more and test yourself the software preinstalled on MultiBoard. Make impressive presentations; converge video, images and writing to effectively deliver your message.

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UltraHD (4K) Displays

The MultiBoard L-series features ultra high definition (UHD) screens based on ELED technology. Everything you see is remarkably vibrant, detailed and sharp. The picture is as vivid as your imagination.

High Performance Windows PC

Intel processor on MultiBoards L-series powers a new class of computing: quicker start up of Windows, the best performance with UHD screens, and improved security.


Free wireless control on MultiBoard
from your Andorid or iOS smartphone.


Application to write down ideas during discussion, save and share.


Wireless classroom management
application for tablets and PCs.

Protective casing

Born for presenting, but ready for anything. The MultiBoard is safe both in a meeting room and public hall. Its screen is protected with 4 mm tempered glass. The whole device is covered with an aluminium casing.


The best in class infrared technology now supports 20 points. Let the magic begin. View photos, manipulate data and apps. The MultiBoard picture under your fingertips is fast and responsive.

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