Smartbook 141S
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Prestigio Smartbook 141S


Style and strength of metal


Stylish, powerful and compact, the Smartbook 141S is designed for people who value the quality of materials, durability and performance, but enjoy value for money. A 1.3 cm and 1.4kg stylish metal case covers a powerful "stuffing": the Intel Apollo Lake processor and the official operating system Windows 10. The variety of ports for connecting additional devices and a powerful battery make it an ideal laptop for active and style conscious people

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Constant companion in any situation

Thanks to its compact dimensions (33 x 22 x 1.3 cm) and weight of only 1.4 kg, the Smartbook 141S will be an indispensable assistant if you need to go to a business meeting, work in a cafe or simply take it on holiday for watching movies or playing your favourite video games.

Luxurious design

Metal does not always mean boring aluminium. Dark grey, blue or dark brown - the case of the new Smartbook 141S combines the strength of metal and the expressiveness of colour! Whatever colour you choose, the Smartbook looks incredibly prestigious and fashionable.

Enjoy the content

The Smartbook screen is created with IPS technology, which makes the picture bright, clear and colourful. The 14.1 inch screen and Full HD resolution ensure that you will get more pleasure when watching movies, photos and gaming, and working with documents and graphics will be comfortable and tireless for the eyes.

Spacious storage

You no longer need to delete movies before downloading new files, constantly upload photos to the cloud and control the number of programs on the laptop, because now there is enough space for everything! For the first time the Prestigio Smartbook comes with 32 or 128 GB of internal memory, which can also be expanded with SDD M.2 SATA up to 512 GB.

Force inside

The Dual-core Intel® Mobile Celeron® N3350 (Apollo Lake) CPU up to 2.4 GHz will provide high performance even in resource demanding tasks. Depending on the configuration, the Smartbook is available with 3 or 4 GB RAM. This means that you will be able to run many programs in multitasking mode and work with dozens of tabs in the browser without experiencing problems of slowing down.

Official Windows 10

The device is completely ready to work straight from the box! The Smartbook comes with an operating system "on board" - the official Windows 10 Home / Windows 10 Pro. Choose the option that suits your needs!

All types of connections

The Smartbook is equipped with two USB 3.0 ports, a micro HDMI port, and it also supports WI-FI and BT 4.0. Therefore, it is easy to connect the laptop to any device and in seconds turn it into a remote office or mobile entertainment centre.