Complete Interactive Digital Signage solution
with great analytics - at your desk!

Interactive Content
Images, video, audio, texts and templates together with triggers enable relevant advertising targeted for specific gender and age to be displayed clearly. Using Promo Codes, IMEI Codes, RFID Codes and other beacons increases the effectiveness of ads and purchases

Interactive Digital Signage Content Management System (IDS CMS)
Interactive Prestigio AddReality is a multitenant platform which allows creation, management and distribution of content in digital signage networks. It features convenient functions for administration and analytics, including details of average visitor depending on gender and age of your customers

Variety of Displays
Choose between indoor, outdoor and in-window displays to create your perfect Digital Signage advertising campaigns. With the variety of display sizes from 22" to 65" you will select the most suitable. In addition, multi-touch option is available for an interactive omnichannel shopping experience






  • Indoor/Outdoor/in-window
  • Multitouch for great user experience
  • Portrait/landsсape displays and video walls for multiple vertical markets
  • Prestigio Addreality cloud based interactive DS CMS integrated and qualified for displays and video walls
  • Multitenant
  • Best in class Gender and Age recognition
  • Beacons
  • IMEI of smartphones
  • RFID tags
  • Video analytics
  • Traffic dynamic measures
  • Attention time
  • Great targeted advertising
  • Professional Digital Signage content creators can be provided on demand
  • Centrally managed Promo programs
  • Income streams from ads integrators

Prestigio Digital Signage Displays

Digital Signage Display

The Prestigio Digital Signage Display includes a wide range of features including: anti-humidity, waterproof outdoor housing and protective tempered glass. Its functional design will suit any public place

Digital Signage Transparent poster

The Transparent poster is a thin, lightweight device with beautiful design and installation is easy and fast. High level of transparency allows customers to view the shop through the poster

Digital Signage Totem

The Prestigio Digital Signage stand-alone portrait orientation Totem, includes a wide range features such as: anti-humidity, waterproof housing and protected tempered glass. Thanks to its universal design, the Digital Signage Totem is suitable for display in any store or outdoors

Digital Signage Kiosk

The Prestigio Digital Signage Kiosk includes multiple options: protective tempered glass, internal PC and multi touch. The design of the kiosk fits perfectly in any store, public place or institution

Digital Signage Transparent video wall

The Transparent video walls use side-lighting technology, which perfectly compliment your windows. They have 75% transparency, some can even reach 90%. Meaning that the video wall won’t alter the light conditions at your store

Digital Signage shelf LED display

LED digital shelf edge technology is capable of dynamic pricing, promotion, product and brand related information at the shelf edge

Digital Signage LED poster

The LED Poster is small, thin and lightweight. It delivers sharper brightness and clearer images perfectly displayed under any light conditions. It is widely used in catering, financial, educational medical institutions and entertainment centres

Content Playback Triggers

Gender: female Age: 26

Gender and Age recognition
technology allows you to automatically display targeted ads according to age and gender. This is a result of integrated web cameras (tablet, kiosk, display)

attached to goods it helps include the customer in the buying process. Interactive digital solution "LIFT & LEARN" displays information about the product the buyer is interested in

RFID responsive sensors
recognise the movement of RF tags and enable details to be displayed about cross-sell and up sell products

Interactive multitouch displays
allow the user to use on-line configurators and determine the desired purchase specifications

Targeted advertising
according to IMEI codes in devices used by the customer

Smart Security Units
system which unites anti-theft feature and LIFT & LEARN technology. This feature enables relevant advertising to be broadcasted when selecting a product from the shelf

Interactive Digital Signage Content Management System
Remote management of the devices and targeted adverts in points of sale, or any other screen locations. This system ensures that statistics are gathered on customers, duration of views and number of impressions

Real time analytics for immediate reaction

  • Records of played back content
  • Records of history of each view of broadcast devices
  • Records of conversion with a campaign/project on broadcast devices
  • Records of consumer profiles – gender, age range, duration of interaction with broadcast devices
  • Records of users’ interaction with broadcast devices
  • Settings for each report: periods, additional parameters, export to file

Content Scenario

  • Creation of your own unique script for displaying advertising or applying an already existing set of scenarios
  • Creation of relevant advertising with the recognition of visitor's gender and age
  • Changing content with Beacons, RFID, IMEI beacons on customers' smartphones
  • Professional consulting and assistance in creating the scenarios of your advertisement
  • Interactive solution increases the possibility of future purchases

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