Apply Prestigio MultiBoard and screen sharing apps to digitalize any meeting

Prestigio offers large format touch screen PCs for business-aimed presentation together with software for connectivity as a flexible solutions for conference rooms. The touch screen PC or MultiBoard is a simple and multi-feature device. One device can replace a projector, PC, flip chart and screen in a meeting room.

The MultiBoard combines a modern touch screen from 55” to 98” and a powerful PC based on Windows 8.1 Pro operating system.

Use case 1: Simple and impressive presentations with MultiBoard

The MultiBoard can be operated in the same way as a tablet, but is mounted on a wall or stand. It opens almost any files, allows browsing, playing videos, drawing, marking, noting and communicating via video messengers.

Forget about chalk and markers. The EasiMeeting app allows different forms of noting and drawing. It also allows easy sharing by saving your work in widely used formats like JPG, PDF, MS WORD. Apply tools for screen recording, timer and many other things.

Elements for use case 1:
- Prestigio MultiBoard
- Application EasiMeeting (free with device), MS Office (optional).

Key features in comparison to projector:
• The picture on the FHD/UHD screen is bright and crisp in different lighting conditions. Save on curtains for shading.
• Saves space in a conference room as it does not require an obligatory distance or shelf mounting as with a projector.
• Minimal settings required – all works without calibrating or focusing. Just plug in and play.

Use case 2: Interactive presentation

You don’t have to stand near the MultiBoard to present on it. Sit down with your colleagues and present from your mobile device or by using your mobile device as a touch pad. In addition, connect to mobile devices of your colleagues to share the screen and present. All you need to achieve this is simply WiFi and apps.

With MultiBoard on Windows Pro operating system and Miracast apps you can create an interactive environment for dynamic presentations and group work.

Elements for use case 2:
- Prestigio MultiBoard
- Smartphone screen sharing (Android, Windows, iOS) - Mirroring360 app with a key
- Smartphone as a touchpad or presentor – EasiConnect app (free with MultiBoard)
- WiFi router
- Tablets or PC 2-in-1 as a classroom – mClass apps with a key

Key features:
• Convenient presentation without USB flash-card transfer or any cords
• Capacity to involve from 1-2 and up to 50 participants in an interactive presentation with the use of their devices
• Record your screen and your colleagues screens
• If you develop software for smartphones, show yours colleagues how new the app works and discuss its features

Conference room solutions from Prestigio open a huge market for small and medium enterprises, which can set up and integrate such networks.

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