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Prestigio Launches Hybrid Space-Saving LCD PCs for Office and Home

Prestigio Europe spol. s r.o. is about to begin shipments of LCD PCs, state-of-the-art hybrid devices combining a 17”-19” LCD panel and a fully-functional integrated personal computer . The products will be available through Prestigio partners’ stores across Central and Eastern Europe, Middle East and North Africa.

Prestigio LCD PC is designed with one purpose – to be the most efficient office solution on the market. This all-in-one PC is based on an advanced mobile platform. The benefits of using the “Mobile on Desktop” technology make a huge difference – quiet and reliable work, a lot of saved space on the desk, flexible configurations, balanced performance. However, the most important advantage of Prestigio LCD PC is its unbeatable Total Cost of Ownership .

The new devices are intended first of all for small and medium offices and living areas where a traditional desktop PC would not fit in properly or would not match the interior design.

Desktop Power in a Space-Saving Design
Ultra-modern Prestigio all-in-one LCD PCs deliver desktop performance without overloading your desktop. They provide all desktop benefits without giving up your valuable space to awkward monitors and system units. Their footprints are just large enough to ensure steady operation. These unique devices are the next logical step in the evolution of the desktop PC . They deliver the power of a fully-functional desktop in a space-saving design, without sacrificing its capabilities and features.

“Green” Design
The hybrid all-in-one design requires less wires and cables, thus reducing the risk of electric shock and minimizing wire hassle. On top of that, Prestigio LCD PCs produce no CRT emission or fan noise owing to the use of flat LCD panels and advanced Intel® Mobile-on-Desktop technology.

Money-Saving and Versatile
Apart from saving valuable space, the unique all-in-one design of Prestigio LCD PCs carries another important economic benefit – reduced total cost of ownership . Besides, the wide offer of models – from a powerful multimedia PC all the way to a simpler terminal – ensures that LCD PCs are able to meet any performance requirements, and, therefore, be used in a wide scope of applications, e.g. in offices, homes, industrial facilities, educational institutions, scientific and research centers, etc.

The product is covered by Prestigio’s 2-year limited international warranty.

Features and benefits:

  • 2-in-1 computer (LCD display and PC in monoblock)
  • Excellent ergonomics
  • Very small footprint
  • 17” or 19” LCD display
  • Intel® Celeron ® M, Intel® Pentium® M, Core Duo®, Corw Solo® or Celeron® M processor
  • Up to 2 GB memory
  • Up to 750 GB hard drive
  • Slot-in DVD/RW
  • WiFi (optional)
  • Prestigio mouse
  • Prestigio keyboard
  • Smart Stand
  • Reduced total cost of ownership
  • Space saving due to all-in-one design of the powerful desktop PC
  • Stylish design for modern office
  • Green design - no wires hassle and electric shock risk, no CRT emission and fan noise
  • Wide offer to fit any performance requirement

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