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Prestigio adds another bijou to its HDDs collection – astonishing black & golden Data Safe III

Prestigio Plaza Ltd. has released another external data storage Data Safe III – a perfect combination of functionality, latest ATA technology and impeccable design. The device comes in black & golden colour in a luxurious gift box.

Prestigio Data Safe III is designed to impress with quality and special appearance. It will respond to everybody’s requirements for style and unmatchable look. This vogue combination of classic black and eternal golden colour is made to charm and to set up the newest tendencies of hi-tech fashion world. Special data case complimented with the gift box gives the perfect entity of the ideal present a corporate man can make to himself or to a partner. This external data storage is not only for business people, but for all those who want to escape from the grey metallic devices on retail shelves and wish to stand out of the crowd with something dazzling and modern.

The recently introduced Data Safe III is an external hard drive with 2.5” built-in mobile drive that excites with its functionality and has up to 500 GB capacity. The device has Hi-Speed USB 2.0 interface to ensure fast transfer of the data. Thanks to the Plug & Play technology (which doesn’t require any installations) user will be pleased to have easy and quick access to all his files and folders. One small extra gives to the owners absolute confidence and this is the opportunity to password lock the device in order to ensure the protection of all confidential or personal information that it stores. One Touch Backup button keeps updated all the important data and will save a lot of troubles to many people who forget to backup their important folders, or simply don’t want to bother themselves with manual transfer of data from a computer to an external device. Besides all the technical advantages that Prestigio Data Safe III presents, the product design is also improved as the black silicon cover is made with square patterns. The appearance is strong and masculine with delicate touch. The top metal part is plated with 23 carats gold. Together with the U-shaped, delicate touch of rubber surrounding the device, the overall combination of gold and black color presents elegancy and nobility. Designed with a feel of simplicity, there are only visible ports and buttons whenever necessary.

The “art of hi-tech” concept of Prestigio gives the user the best solution on the market thanks to extensive researches the company does in order to provide not only decent functionality with easy-buy look, but latest technologies in a combination with unique design. The formula is not simple, but it guarantees the success of the product”, said Mr. Martin Zeman, General Manager Central and Eastern Europe for Prestigio.

The company started these design innovations in 2004. Up to now Prestigio developed six different types of external data storages – Data Safe I with leatherette enclosure and capacity up to 500 GB; the improved model with more extras - Data Safe II, available in black or brown colour; the extremely convenient and mobile Pocket Drive II with leatherette body and capacity up to 120 GB; this product is also built in a very special Data wallet where men can carry their cash and store their files; especially made for women are Data Safe II and Pocket Drive II Fashion Edition designed in white and golden colours and complemented with leopard pattern fashion purse in each gift box. This last release of Data Safe III is another gem in Prestigio’s products treasury of external data storages and it will be a perfect accomplishment for any user’s hi-tech collection.

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