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Expanding the boundaries. Prestigio introduces new GeoVision GV4250 and GV5250 GPS devices.

Limassol/Moscow. Prestigio, a dynamic international vendor of state-of-the-art IT and CE products for style-conscious consumers, has announced the expansion of its 2 series of GPS navigators and the beginning of the sales of GV4250 and GV5250.

GV4250 and GV5250 belong to the 2-series of Prestigio GPS navigators and are updates of the extremely successful previous models GV4200 and GV5200. The models feature a high quality touch screen and come in 4.3”/10.9cm (GV4250) and 5.0”/12.7cm (GV5250). The new GV4250 and GV5250 are equipped with 4GB of internal memory, which meet the latest requirements for the navigation maps and is twice bigger than in the previous models of this series, subsequently allowing to contain also more content. Modern, stylish, slim and durable case with aluminum trim is made of high quality materials and complies with all European standards. GV4250 and GV5250 stand out by improved technical specifications: RAM of 128 MB and the new powerful Dual Core CPU SiRF ATLAS V, the upgrade from the previous single core Atlas IV, with a clockrate of 533MHz allowing much faster route (re-)calculation! Thanks to 64 channel receiver, GV4250 and GV5250 get a satellite connection, almost instantly.

Besides the basic functions, such as showing and calculating the route or searching POIs, the models GV4250 and GV5250 include a media player which supports all popular audio and video formats. The increased internal memory allows to store albums of music and photos as well as movies, or to load additional maps. The models also support many popular eBook formats, so those who love reading, could enjoy it anytime, anywhere.

Both models are available with Bluetooth technology – GV4250BT and GV5250BT, providing hands free usage for the safety of the driver and others, featuring as well FM-radio, which is very helpful as the driver would always be informed about news and listen to the music on the waves of a favorite radio station. These models also feature BTDUN for latest traffic information on your route.

"The increased internal memory and multimedia features of the new navigators GeoVision GV4250/BT and GeoVision GV5250/BT extend the boundaries of an ordinary auto navigator, making it a full car media center and giving the customers a wide choice of entertainment on the go. Both models represent a great combination of price, style, and usability ", - says Yuri Antoshkin, Chief Operation Officer of Prestigio in Europe and the countries of CIS.

GV4250/BT and GV5250/BT are coming with the latest software Navitel 5.0 with detailed maps of the Russian Federation and a 3D visualization of the main buildings and the presence of a huge database of POIs. Besides that, Navitel 5.0 features a number of very useful functions, such as warning the driver of approaching the place of attention (SpeedCam) and offering to reduce speed or constructing routes for traffic in the city and outside the city. The offered on all BT models Navitel Probki service, grant the drivers the most accurate traffic information available, that outsmarts the traffic jams and allows the driver to arrive always on time and absolutely stress free.

Both models come with a 2 year international warranty and include a 2 years free map upgrade to Navitel maps. The items also come equipped with a car charger, a docking station, USB cable, stylus, CD drivers and documentation, user's manual.
GV4250/BT and GV5250/BT are available starting from July 2011.

The Prestigio brand offers an exclusive combination of elegance, sophistication, high product quality, advanced technology and state-of-the-art design to more than 70 countries. Prestigio aims to provide an enhanced quality of life with affordable luxury products to those who enjoy a contemporary lifestyle. The portfolio encompasses various collections with Tablet PCs, GPS navigators, Nettop/Office/Home/Gaming PC, mobile storage devices, eBook Readers, Apple accessories, and more. The brand is committed to providing innovative and reliable product to meet the growing demand for accessible, modern IT-related products and consumer electronics. Feel free to contact for any questions or visit Master distributor of Prestigio products is ASBISc Enterprise Plc.


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