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Look and feel. Prestigio Racer Mice.

Most people don’t put that much thought into the two buttoned piece of plastic they hold while working on their computer. They say, it is a simple click and scroll device that helps to operate your computer. But YOU are not most people, you like the style, the elegance and prestige. And it’s exclusively for you that Prestigio designed this model range of Racer Mice.

Bluetooth® Racer mouse PJ-MSL2B, Wireless Racer mouse PJ-MSLxW and Optical Racer mouse PJ-MSOx are part of our famous Prestigio Racer Collection, which offers different computer peripherals and has been inspired by legendary speed racing machines. You’ll be blown away by the brilliant design of Prestigio Racer Mice. We used the carbon fiber body featuring fire red detailing and black rubber thumb grips on the sides for maximum comfort and pleasurable navigation. The mouse will reside in your hand exactly like a race car miniature and of course it will deliver, like one. Prestigio Racer Mice also come in three different sizes so you can choose the one that isn’t too big or too small and perfectly suits your comfort needs.

But the design is not the only thing that Prestigio Racer Mice can offer; the performance of the mice is just as outstanding! All three models are very precise and responsive with their switchable resolution level of up to 1600 DPI. Prestigio Racer Mice offer five practical buttons that would be perfect for maneuvering through documents, websites or any other program. All Prestigio Racer Mice have also Plug-and-Play capability that makes them compatible with all Windows operating systems. The wireless and Bluetooth models come with standard with two Alkaline AAA batteries, featuring low power consumption. In order to provide a wireless connection with your PC or notebook, the wireless model PJ-MSLxW features Radio frequency technology of 2.4GHz and comes standard with a mini USB dongle, while the Bluetooth Racer mouse PJ-MSL2B uses Bluetooth® technology. 



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Aplikace Prestigio eReader 3.0

Prestigio představuje aktualizovanou verzi aplikace Prestigio eReader pro systém Android, jež nově podporuje i technologii DRM.

Prestigio eReader aplikácia 3.0

Populárna aplikácia na čítanie e-kníh v novej verzii.

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