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GeoVision 350 GPS Navigator Offers Technology for Hassle-Free Travelling

Prestigio Technologies Ltd. has released its first GPS navigation device GeoVision 350, featuring latest SiRF III chipset, 3.5” touch-screen display, 300 MHz Intel CPU and 1 GB built-in memory. GeoVision 350 is the first device in Prestigio’s new GPS Navigation product line . It is an ultra-portable, easy-to-use, versatile GPS navigator designed primarily for automotive application, but also thoroughly suitable for use by hikers, fishers, travellers, cyclists, or vacationers.

Prestigio GeoVision 350 is the right solution to help you reach the desired destination with minimum efforts and expenses. This GPS unit is compact enough to be carried around everywhere or quickly installed in the car to provide directions “on the move”. It uses a modern platform with a SiRFstarIII chipset, 3.5” touch screen display , 300 MHz Intel CPU, Windows CE 4.2 OS, and 1 GB built-in memory.

The superb navigation capabilities of Prestigio GeoVision 350 are ensured by the SiRFstarIII which is the latest high sensitivity GPS microcontroller chip. The SiRFstarIII is distinguished from earlier SiRF chips and from other GPS chipsets largely due to its faster Time to First Fix (TTFF) and its ability to acquire and maintain a signal lock in urban or densely covered forest environments. The SiRFstarIII chipset is known for its superior sensitivity and tracking capabilities.

The device features voice-prompted, auto-routable, turn-by-turn road navigation with swift automatic off-route and detour recalculation. With the contrast 3.5” touch-screen TFT display (320x240 pixels), the GeoVision 350 is easy to read in any lighting conditions. The unit has a rechargeable internal lithium-ion battery that provides up to 3 hours of use. Compact in size, the GeoVision 350 provides fairly large screen viewing area, but it won’t demand a lot of room on the dashboard or in the backpack. In harsh GPS reception conditions users can connect an external antenna which is provided in the package.

"The GeoVision 350 offers a universal combination of advanced navigation features packed into one compact unit," said Martin Zeman, Prestigio’s General Manager for Central and Eastern Europe. "The unit is very easy to operate, and any computer user will find the icon-based menu familiar and easy to understand. From motorists to hikers, the Prestigio GeoVision 350 is ideal for people who desire to experience the benefits of effortless GPS navigation "

The unit ships with preinstalled detailed maps of Western/Eastern Europe/Russia including millions points of interest like hotels, restaurants, gas stations, ATMs, and attractions. These pan-regional maps enable users to travel easily across borders without the need to change the software. The unit also provides precise voice guidance in 26 languages. With 1 GB of internal memory and a fast USB connection, loading large amounts of detailed map data from a PC is easy. The package also includes AC adapter, car adapter, USB cable, windshield bracket, and external antenna.

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