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Prestigio presented its Fashion edition collection at a special "White night" event

On 8th of April, Prestigio presented its fashion line of products at Stereo Lounge in Tallinn, Estonia. VIP guests and journalists from the most popular magazines were invited to a special white & golden runway show for the launch of Prestigio White Essential Collection – Data Safe II and Pocket Drive II Fashion edition.

Three beautiful models dressed in glamorous golden dresses presented the new womanish products as well as the special feminine accessories included in the gift packaging – two exclusive leatherette purses that not only protect your disk, but give one more chance to express your unique style.

As the theme of the event was “White night”, guests were welcomed with especially made for Prestigio cocktail “White essential”. Event impression continued with delicious white chocolate fountain – perfect match for a legendary white night.

Prestigio “Art of hi-tech” products are designed to satisfy everybody’s unique needs. The presented storages Data Safe II and Pocket Drive II – Fashion Edition are created to charm ladies with a stylish and trendy look, but they combine the appearance with latest technologies and remarkable functionality.


Data Safe II Fashion Edition

An impeccable colour combination of golden and white ensures this data storage device stands out of the ordinary. With this small drive that can be easily carried everywhere you can always have access to your data everywhere you go. Perfectly complemented by an elegant leatherette purse this mobile product does not only express the personality of its owner but offers premium functionality and quality.

Key features:

  • 2.5" mobile drive inside
  • Capacity: 80-320 GB
  • SATA technology
  • Stylish leatherette purse to complement the product
  • Special packaging


Pocket Drive II Fashion Edition

The stylish leatherette body of the redesigned Pocket Drive II attracts attention and invites glances. The golden ornaments on a white coating subtly mask the latest technology introduced by the increased capacity, USB 2.0 interface and 1.8" mobile drive inside. This ultra-lightweight device perfectly features the lifestyle of modern people who pay attention to every detail of their trendy look.

Key features:

  • 1.8" mobile drive inside
  • Capacity: 60, 80, 100 GB
  • Stylish leatherette purse to complement the product
  • Special packaging
  • Stylish leatherette body with golden ornaments


Aplikace Prestigio eReader 3.0

Prestigio představuje aktualizovanou verzi aplikace Prestigio eReader pro systém Android, jež nově podporuje i technologii DRM.

Prestigio eReader aplikácia 3.0

Populárna aplikácia na čítanie e-kníh v novej verzii.

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