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eBook Reader PER3162 is a great product with superb battery life, reviewers say

eBook Reader PER3162B eBook Reader PER3162B received positive feedbacks from press in Serbia: reviewers honored long battery life and a plenty of storage space for digital books in a pocket-size device.

Popular resource summarized:

“At the end it remains to comment on the autonomy of the battery, which is up to 4000 pages (although this depends on the speed of reading, of course), and up to 20hrs of listening to music. This means you will not have much to think about recharging batteries, and you can freely enjoy reading. The main contribution for this autonomy provide a good screen, since E-Ink technology, in addition to great images, characterize low energy consumption. Overall, we can say Prestigio eBook Reader PER3162B is one of the best, if not the best eBook Reader, you can buy at local market.”

and their colleagues from add:

“Our impression is -- Great! The Possibility of saving hundreds of thousands of ebooks on such portable device gives you a new quality of your life. And not only books, but also comics.... Reg. ebooks, we would like that DOC format is supported, but anyway, there is a lot of DOC to PDF converters...”

Aplikace Prestigio eReader 3.0

Prestigio představuje aktualizovanou verzi aplikace Prestigio eReader pro systém Android, jež nově podporuje i technologii DRM.

Prestigio eReader aplikácia 3.0

Populárna aplikácia na čítanie e-kníh v novej verzii.

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