The already well-known Prestigio Data Safe II continues to evoke admiration of experts. This time, the Czech magazine EXTRA PC has appraised its unique design: "This is a very compact hard disc in elegant leather coating. You can choose from black or brown coating and capacities from 40 – 120 GB". The verdict of the critics is definite: "This mobile hard drive for demanding users looks fabulous".
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The author of a Czech magazine Počítač Pro Každého after analyzing the operational features of Prestigio GeoVision 350 has considered this model to be efficient and well-performing. Besides, the author admitted its low price, which, combined with good operational features is a definite advantage for most drivers: "Thanks to the favorable price the Prestigio GeoVision 350 is a device which is affordable for the majority of car drivers. You get a full set containing the main unit, windshield cradle, CL adapter, AC/DC adapter, USB cable and even external antenna. The device control and menu orientation is very easy thanks to a touch screen." The Prestigio GeoVision 350 is available in many languages, which is also very helping. And the last but not the least advantage of the model is its "fluent navigation" that will make the journey more relaxing.
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