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Prestigio Plaza Ltd. has released another external data storage Data Safe III – a perfect combination of functionality, latest ATA technology and impeccable design. The device comes in black & golden colour in a luxurious gift box.
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Prestigio Technologies Ltd. has launched a new GPS navigation device featuring 4.3” touch-screen TFT display, 30 menu languages and 1 GB/2 GB built-in memory. Compact and portable, GeoVision 430 can be used in your car for turn-by-turn navigation with voice and visual guidance with a variety of detailed mapping options available.

There is no more need to pull over to read bulky maps or stop for directions after making a wrong turn. With your ultimate travel companion GPS GeoVision 430 by Prestigio your drive becomes less stressful and the stops along the way a bit more fun. This easy-to-use portable GPS navigator is a great way to ensure your safety while on the road providing you with voice-prompted, auto-routable turn-by-turn road navigation. GeoVision 430 isn't just limited to use in the car, there are settings for pedestrian mode as well. This portable navigation system is equipped with the most advanced SiRF III chipset known for its premium tracking capabilities and comes preloaded with detailed maps of Western and Eastern Europe and Russia.

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Prestigio Technologies Ltd. has released its first GPS navigation device GeoVision 350, featuring latest SiRF III chipset, 3.5” touch-screen display, 300 MHz Intel CPU and 1 GB built-in memory. GeoVision 350 is the first device in Prestigio’s new GPS Navigation product line . It is an ultra-portable, easy-to-use, versatile GPS navigator designed primarily for automotive application, but also thoroughly suitable for use by hikers, fishers, travellers, cyclists, or vacationers.

Prestigio GeoVision 350 is the right solution to help you reach the desired destination with minimum efforts and expenses. This GPS unit is compact enough to be carried around everywhere or quickly installed in the car to provide directions “on the move”. It uses a modern platform with a SiRFstarIII chipset, 3.5” touch screen display, 300 MHz Intel CPU, Windows CE 4.2 OS, and 1 GB built-in memory.

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Prestigio Europe spol. s r.o. has launched redesigned versions of its popular Data Safe and Pocket Drive external storage products . They will be available at Prestigio partners’ stores across Central and Eastern Europe, Middle East and North Africa in early July 2007.

The Prestigio Data Safe I is the eye-catching successor of the award-winning original Prestigio Data Safe. It strikes a perfect balance between quality, style and price. This mobile hard drive offers superb reliability and stylishness. It will definitely make users stand out in the crowd thanks to its attractive leather-wrapped enclosure.

Another newly introduced mobile device is the Prestigio Pocket Drive II, the high-end model that supersedes its predecessor Pocket Drive. This is an elegant, incredibly slim and lightweight storage device, based on 1.8-inch mobile PATA hard disc drive with USB 2.0 interface and capacity of up to 80 GB. It is available in brown and black leather and comes with a comfy leather case. This ultra-compact storage device is the top line in technology and appearance that can be found on the market today. It perfectly complements the lifestyle of modern people who pay attention to every detail of their trendy look.

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Prestigio Europe spol. s r.o. is about to begin shipments of LCD PCs, state-of-the-art hybrid devices combining a 17”-19” LCD panel and a fully-functional integrated personal computer . The products will be available through Prestigio partners’ stores across Central and Eastern Europe, Middle East and North Africa.

Prestigio LCD PC is designed with one purpose – to be the most efficient office solution on the market. This all-in-one PC is based on an advanced mobile platform. The benefits of using the “Mobile on Desktop” technology make a huge difference – quiet and reliable work, a lot of saved space on the desk, flexible configurations, balanced performance. However, the most important advantage of Prestigio LCD PC is its unbeatable Total Cost of Ownership .

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Prestigio and Canyon hosted a Global Event for retailers and partners in the capital of Italy on June 8-9, 2007. The Event attracted participants from all over the world: from South Africa to Estonia, and from Taiwan to Ireland.

Prestigio and Canyon presented their new product lines to an international crowd of 120 attendees from 20 countries . The Event provided a vibrant mix of serious business meetings, recreation, and sightseeing tours of ancient Rome.
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